Better to use LiteOn SOHW-1693 firmware for Sony DRU-800A?




I’m new here and this is my first post. I’ve been visiting here for a couple of months since purchasing a Sony DRU-800A DVD burner. I’ve used OmniPatcher on the latest KY03 firmware for the -800A before updating, so that’s currently what’s on my drive. I’m just wondering whether it would be to my advantage to use the latest LiteOn SOHW-1693 firmware (patched via OmniPatch of course :iagree:) instead. I read a thread here a little while ago where someone was complaining about the Sony firmware having trouble with some types of copy protection since they’re… well… Sony. Is this the case? Would there be any other reason(s) to use the (patched) LiteOn firmware?

Thanks in advance for your help. Useful forum you’ve got here.

-Raptor One


Well, KS09 is newer than KY03. And usually, newer is better. Chances are, though, you probably won’t really notice much of a difference, if any, between the two. Try it and see. :wink:


Any idea about the possible inability of the Sony firmware to defeat certain copy protections though? That’s mainly what I’m concerned about. I’m not looking to do anything fancy… just rip some audio CDs I recently purchased that may have some copy protections on them. If the Sony firmware may have trouble with this, I’ll be switching to LiteOn’s. Thanks for your response.

-Raptor One


Sony’s firmware did better in -R strategy than Liteon in the past

But not sure if it’s still true