Better to rip with DVD-ROM drive?

I have a NEC 2500a and am wondering if its better to rip DVD’s with a seperate DVD-ROM drive.

The reason I ask is because I had no idea you could. I read in several other forums from other sites that some people said ripping from a seperate DVD-ROM drive is usually faster and saves a lot of wear and tear on your DVD-RW drive.

Is this all true?

I plan to get a Sony DDU1621/C1 40x16x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive to replace my CD-RW drive I have now.

Would this new drive do the job for ripping well. Or is there a better one out there.

Anyway, thanks for any help I can get.

Yep DVD-ROM only drives usually have faster rip speeds.

I would recommend the LiteOn/JLMS 166S.

Many here post that ripping with the dvd-rom is not only faster…but saves wear and tear on your dvd burner. If you have both, and get good rips off your dvd-rom…thats the way to go hoss…:slight_smile:

F***in’ A!

Thanks for the help guys.
I really appreciate it. :bow: :wink:

I also forgot to mention that with a seperate DVD-ROM drive, you should be able to do DVD copies on-the-fly with good results. :bigsmile: