Better to rip a DVD to the hard drive before burning with Clone DVD?



I use Ritek 05s, and of course this may be a factor, but I’m wondering if it’s better to use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD to my hard drive first then use Clone DVD to burn?

I ask this because with a few of my copies that have just been straight cloned from disc to disc, I’ve had pixelation and freeze-framing that has lasted a couple of seconds. I’m wondering if having the source on the drive already will eliminate this problem, whether it’s the burning process itself or the media?

What do you guys think? :confused:


You can save the files to the harddisk with CloneDVD. So unless CloneDVD for some reason cannot read the disc, you do not have to use an second program for this purpose. :slight_smile:

If you are getting freezes, it could be that you have errors in the media, errors in the write process, or the surface is dirty/scratched.

I do not as a general rule, copy a DVD “on the fly”. I have had too many bad experiences. I generally rip the disc to harddrive first then burn the result to a disc.

Others on this forum may be able to tell you how to burn on the fly more effectively.

I will admit that I am pretty much a newbie when it comes to backing up DVD’s and there are others here that may offer some better advice.


I would agree with un4givn72 - I always rip to hard drive first. I take it you are using DVDDecrypter to remove the copy protection from the DVD? Keep in mind that DVDDecrypter is no longer updated, and will start to fail on newer movie protections. It might be worth while to have a look at AnyDVD from same people who make CloneDVD2. You can get a 21 day free trial. AnyDVD removes the protection ‘on the fly’ so the rip and shrink all happen in one step when used with CloneDVD2.

If you are doing a straight disc to disc copy my favourite is CloneCD also from Slysoft (and no, before you ask I don’t get commission on any sales!!) which will also happily copy DVD’s.

Although, after all I have said above - using DVDDecrypter to rip the files to your harddrive will still work on a huge % of movies out there - and it is free!!


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If you’re using CloneDVD2 (Slysoft) you don’t need DVD Decrypter it will copy (& shrink if needed) to a temp folder then write to disc.
You can write to harddrive if necessary, then keep on drive.
On the fly is not the best way to go as it usuaully runs at max speed. Using Nero do tranfer test to find best speed ( Nero - DVD copy - Burn tab - tick box determine maximum speed)
You’ll need AnyDVD as well.
edit As abrown15 has already mentioned.


Keep in mind CloneDVD2 will not touch a protected DVD - it needs the protection to be removed. Using DVDDecrypter or AnyDVD will do the job nicely :slight_smile:


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Using CloneCD do you leave speed at max only some systems will struggle & I would like to point out that speed can be set to suit system if necessary.


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I prefer to rip the disk to the hard drive first. That way I can save time if I decide to do some tweaking to get just the right end result with the processing app of choice (clonedvd, dvdshrink, re-code, etc.)

I simply find it more time efficient and convenient. :slight_smile:


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Hello Fellow Forum Members,

The combination of AnyDVD-CloneDVD is a proven software combination that produces excellent results. These software programs are routinely updated and improved to address the ever-increasing encryption copy protection schemes that are employed by the commercial DVD manufacturing companies.

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and acquire the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

Suggest viewing the below Forum link for a detailed AnyDVD-CloneDVD tutorial guide that provides a set by step guide. AnyDVD when used in conjunction CloneDVD will remove region coding, adverts/trailers, and copy protections, and transcodes/compress in one easy step.


No matter what DVD copying software program you choose to use please note the information contained in the flowing two paragraphs->

This freezing and/or pixelation problem you are reporting is most likely caused by DVD media incompatibility between your DVD Burner and the particular DVD media you are using. This DVD media incompatibility phenomenon is addressed though out the CD Freaks Forum. This is not caused by the use of the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination. If you are experiencing difficulty with your DVD media it is prudent to insure that your DVD Burner has the most current up to date firmware available for your DVD Burner installed. DVD Firmware is the major factor that controls the quality of data written to your blank DVD media and it is important to have the latest DVD firmware installed to ensure the proper writing of data to your blank DVD media. If your current DVD Burner firmware does not contain the correct write strategy for the particular DVD media you are using will cause various playback problems including freezing and/or pixelation problem. No matter how good the quality is of the blank DVD media you are using if you DVD Burner firmware does not include the latest write strategy for the particular DVD media you are using you will experience poor data write problems.

The acquire information on the current firmware version of your DVD Burner use a software utility program similar to the DVDInfo Pro ( Then suggest visiting the appropriate CD Freaks Forum ( for you particular DVD Burner to ensure that DVD Firmware that is installed on you DVD Burner is that latest version available.

Best Regards,


[QUOTE=abrown15]It might be worth while to have a look at AnyDVD from same people who make CloneDVD2. You can get a 21 day free trial. QUOTE]

Not intended to criticize, only toset the record straight. Slysoft located in Antigua (West Indies) does not make Clonedvd2, they merely have a licensing agreement with Elaborate Bytes, located in Switzerland, to sell CloneDVD2. That’s why you can buy the program from either Slysoft or Elaborate Bytes.

Olli who participates on this forum, was the original author of the program while working for Elaborate Bytes, he no longer works directly for Elaborate Bytes and his participation and advice is out of the kindness of his heart.

BTW where is Olli, haven’t seen him post in a while.


No criticisim taken - Yeah, I know your right, but it is just easier to say for most people to just go to Slysoft - after all they now do CloneCD as well (another Olli classic! Elby had to give it up due to the new European laws on copyright I believe)

I take it Olli has gone on holidays - not been around for 2 weeks or so - maybe gone over to see James as Slysoft and soak up some sun!!


I think it was a wise business move on Elbay’s part to have Slysoft license their product, far less restictions on a company located in Antigua.

I truly hope Olli is soaking up the rays in the Caribbean, he deserves it, wish I was there with one of those exotic drinks with the little umbrella’s in the glass.


Another reason to purchase from Slysoft is the ‘pacakge’ discount offered when buying two or more products at the same time. Also use the purchase code ‘CDFreaks’ tp obtain an additional $10 saving;


Many thanks for all of your replies, eveyone - I am already aware of and own Any DVD, which I use to decode in order to copy from disc to disc with Clone DVD.

DVD Decrypter I use for ripping to my hard drive to burn with Clone DVD. I do not burn ‘on the fly’ as far as I’m aware, if copying a DVD with Clone DVD “will copy (& shrink if needed) to a temp folder then write to disc”, as Zebadee says. Therefore am I to assume that Clone DVD and Any DVD (as opposed to without DVD Decrypter) is fine?

Thanks for all the info on firmware, Bjkg - I can’t seem to download the bloody zip file though (here)!! Every time I click on it, it just loads up the page again!


Yep - using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 together means you do not first have to rip to the hard drive with DVDDecrypter first.


I beieve your inability to download the firmware lies with the Explorer Information Bar. Click om the bar and give permission to download the file.


I just retested all of my Ritek G05 media burned 3 months ago and ALL of it has shown a 1000% increase in errors or worse. All this media scanned perfectly when burned and was burned on a variety of drives. That could be your problem. See scans here:


DVD43 is another good tool to use with CloneDVD, and has the advantage of being free besides. It’s nice to have options. :slight_smile:


But don’t use DVD43 & Anydvd at the same time, as they will conflict with each other.