Better then Napster?

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dmt20212 tipped us with a new Napster Clone, this one should be even better then the original. The site is quite uhm, a mess, but if it does what it promises,…

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Just d/l it installed it, im amazed a fu**in good program, i would advise anyone who reads this and uses napster to get it now!

Sounds like a wet dream to me definitly gonna check this one out…

It’s GREAT!!! Use it!

made in the UK, like all the best s/ware…

anyway please no more about your wet dreams…

Hey all I work as an Online Tech Support for AudioGnome on the IRCX server or check out the Napchat on the above mentioned URL.

Yes Audiognome is a “wet dream” it does all that and more.

if you don’t have this yet, get it… Its amazing

It’ll suck heavily if Napster get’s offa the air by X-mas.

hmmm well i dont bother with napster when theres heaps better like Imesh whitch will search for anything audio video games etc and it can do shit loads more and most important it RESUMES whitch is a must so go get it at and its FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE hehehehe

Actually, Jeff (aka Hiredgoons, aka -Z-) has broken the gentelman’s agreement between Naphoria and himself.

Naphoria will still support audioGnome users, just as it has always supported Napster users.

Naphoria is developing a new client witht eh best attributes of Napster, audioGnome and gNutella.

Wel always said that audioGnome was Napster on steroids, the new client is audioGnome…ON VIAGRA!!!

Watch this space!!!



With a developer like yourself Diego, I can guarantee it will be fab.


I tried to mail ‘the Duke’ re: ‘The site is quite uhm, a mess…’

As I do accept ideas/suggestions and have tried to make Naphoria as uncluttered, informative and easy to navigate as possible…

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that program kicks some serious ass over napster

Hell yeah!