Better than great Koss Headphone warranty

I bought a set of Koss Pro4AA headphones sometime in the 70’s and over the years they became totally thrashed, unrepairable, one side dead. All the foam and rubber parts had deteriorated and I had patched the wiring several times. Since I had been shopping for new headphones, I visited the Koss site and noticed the Warranty link. It said my headphones were covered by a lifetime warranty, just send them in with a check for $6.95 (return shipping?) :slight_smile: . Yeah, right, I thought! So I packed them up and sent them in about 10 days ago. Today I received what appears to be a brand new shiny set! The check hasn’t even cleared my bank. Wow, nice when the lifetime warranty actually works out. :slight_smile: cheers, gamma1

Wow that’s terrific.

I’d heard the companies argued that lifetime warranty means the lifetime of the product - i.e. any time at all, not the lifetime of the customer.

Some time ago I had some trouble with my prized Lowther speakers which got vandalised. New ones were over £3000. Oh dear forget it I thought. But Lowther told me I could send the drivers back and get them upgraded to the latest type all for £300 or so. Great!

Lowthers for Life not just for Christmas

I am glad for u, gamma1. I bet they did it just to get a set for a museum :smiley:
Thats so cool, nobody gives lifetime on phones nowdays… unless they go out of business.
Did they send the same model or close?

They sent the same model Pro4AA. They look exactly the same except the coil cord is thinner and the plug is a little different. This once-popular model had been discontinued and then brought back a few years ago.

Its cost them to replace the phones but its advertising for them. You were so impressed that you posted here and have told more than ten friends.
Its a pitty other companies under value service considering it an extra rather than essential.

I didnt consider Koss as a good company till I read this incident. Its nice to learn about such companies who stick to their words and who make things easier for their customers :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check my Koss headphones, but I do remember my warranty specified I could return them if they failed for the same price gamma mentioneed and they would be replaced. They are almost 5 years old and still going strong, with great sound. Just the lowest amount of volume comes through quite loudly and they have excellent bass and midrange response. When someone recommended I try a pair, I didn’t know if it would be any good. However, since then, I’ve been impressed with my pair. :slight_smile:

Koss does some excellent work. The Koss KSC75’s are almost legendary among audiophiles for their price to quality ratio. They are not “neutral” but they have an exciting sound that works great with rock. Some audiophiles have even gone as far as to recable these 15 dollar or so headphones with 100 dollar wires. That’s definately going to the extreme, but I have one of these to toy around with and they are really a tremendous bargain.

Whoa! Not so fast. I too sent my KOSS PRO 4AA’s in and a set was returned in record time. However… this was NOT the original pair I sent in. And… it sounded " gutted " the great bass response was no longer there & it was no where as efficient. I have a number of these headphones so could readily switch from one set to another. The " rebuilt " set for any particular volume level required much higher volume settings.

This got me curious, so I took 3 sets apart and was really blown away: Original: Great bass, highly efficient and robust wiring. Radio Shack Optimus Version: Smaller thinner speakers, smaller wiring & lack of bass response. KOSS Rebuilt: Same speakers as the Radio Shack Version, much smaller wires than either of the other two versions and sounded on a par with the Radio Shack unit which IS NOT Warranted. Conclusion, if you like the sound of your PRO-4AA’s best you repair them yourself. What you will get back is NO WHERE NEAR the headphone you are sending in.