Better SATA drive--Samsung SH-S183A or Pioneer DVR-212D?

I’ve got these two drives installed now. I don’t think either of them is a very good quality scanner, so I’m going to replace one of them with a Lite-On SH-16A7S that I have. (I’m assuming the LO is the best scanner of the three).

So what do you think? Should I keep the Sammy or the Pioneer? I use the burners mostly for backing up movies with AnyDVD/CloneDVD and for burning the occasional mix CD using Nero. I normally only burn Sony DVD+R (Taiyo Yuden) media, but also some DVD+RWs from time to time. Thanks for any input! :bow: :bow:

I think the Lite-On is the best DVD scanner. If you want a better CD scanner, get a BenQ.

Thanks. I’m installing the Lite-On specifically because it’s a better scanner.

I’m wondering which of the other drives (Samsung or Pioneer) I should keep in my rig. Which of those drives is the better burner?

How about burning the same thing on each drive and then scan each disc on either drive? Even though the scans won’t look all that good maybe one will be clearly better.

I have a Pioneer and a LiteOn. Every brand of disc I’ve tried burns better on the Pioneer according to the LiteOn scans. So I, like you, use the one drive for burning and the other for scanning and ripping.

BTW the LiteOn I have, a 160P6S (which is a Sony) rips the best of about 7 drives I still have as well. I use the burner just for burning since I’ve destroyed an NEC and Plextor trying to rip (over and over again) scratched up CDs and DVDs.

EDIT: So not owning a Samsung, except for their great monitors I can’t say either way. I know you should be happy with Pioneer, though.

Not much in it I think from a burning point of view but the Samsung is probably the better reader - not the fastest - of all 3.