Better quality discs exactly for NEC ND3520A?

Hello, i’ve read the forum for a while, and found some interesting stuff like:,357.0.html

I’ve always been a lover of TDK and Verbatim, so may someone consult me, which one’s of TDK and Vebatim are the best one’s by the quality for 4x writing, for my NEC ND3520A drive. I think it’s upon a question, but this is why the forum exists! Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

for 4x ?? Almost every Verbatim 4x,8x,12x,16x =) But don’t know why only for 4x… as many of Verbatim disc burn great also at 8x and 12x. Best Verbatims are:

Verbatim DLP 4x DVD±R (MCC002 and MCC01RG20)
Verbatim DLP 8x DVD±R (MCC003 and MCC02RG20)
Verbatim DLP 16x DVD±R (MCC004 and MCC03RG20)
Verbatim DLP Pastel 8x DVD±R (YUDEN000T02 and TYG02)
Verbatim DLP Pastel 4x DVD±R (YUDEN000T01 and TYG01?)

For TDK I don’t know… all Made in Japan will do. Stick to Verbatim… as you can rarely go wrong with them.

You see why i am writing for 4x, i HATE THOSE RINGS i have HARDLY seen, but in daylight i see 2 rings in the end of disc, writing @ 4x, i tried writing @ 2x, i also get some rings in the end, they are not sharp looking, but i want to get PLAIN disc. My system is CLEAN, i use 1800+, 512mb ram, dma’s on, cable’s 80 and so on… Maybe nero is doing something wrong! Nero, tried 6608(a)…

hm… and ? What’s the problem with rings ? Do you use DVDs to look at them or to store data ? =) Well… anyway… whatever Verbatim disc I mentioned you use… they should burn great at 4x.

those rings don’t affect the quality of your writes at all , but he, if you want to burn at 4X that fine by me :slight_smile:

(striving for good quality burns is one thing but some people tend to overdo it big time)

Hrrr, why other people, for example my friend with 2510 gets plain disc on tdk, and i get few rings burning @ 4x, i want to get PLAIN discs, cause those rings in the end makes the disc a little bit transparent, i can see that the disc isn’t burned like you know when you see a “SHARP BURNED DISC, that colour is very bright and sharp looking”… :confused:

Well… I looked at some of my Nec 3500 4x burned discs… and they don’t have rings. On what discs do you have those rings?

Look in a big light source, for example go out for a walk or for a smoke and look :slight_smile:
I get them for example in TDK or eProFormance, or even Verbatim!

I would… but it’s already dark outside (9 pm here). =) Maybe tomorrow. =)

Hey, i took photos of verbatim & tdk, verbatim burned @ 2x, tdk - 4x

What do you think?

4x is CLV, so I don’t expect to see a ring. At higher speed, yeah, you may see the speed change.

How about burning a disc at 16x? At CAV, I don’t think you’ll see a ring. :slight_smile:
Yeah, I’m joking. But seriously, if your 3520 does something that others don’t, then it’s probably faulty, and using 4x media isn’t something close to a “solution”. I’d rather throw it away immediately or replace it if warranty is remaining.
On the other hand, if what you observe is what everyone else observe, and everyone else think there’s no problem… why do you worry?

What of the above 2 cases do you think you belong to? :slight_smile: (I don’t know much of 3520, so I don’t have the answer.)

I’ve replaced my nec when i damaged it by doing something in Linux, K3b burning facility, i placed a media, and it said no media, and asked “FORCE, ABORT, RETRY”. I pushed FORCE and then the drive went dead, by not reading any cd, the warranty gave me new, so i don’t think it’s the drive’s problem, i think it is computer or nero problem. Computer is clean of viruses and trojans, there is very little ram used by win, and the configuration is good, so hell, i don’t know!:slight_smile: I’ll try to burn one @ 12 or 16 and let u know, damn money spending on those tests!;/

Hehe… actually I see 5 rings… and this is normal for Nec 3500&3520. It’s caused by AOPC that adjusts laser power during the burn. You won’t see rings with 2510 @ 4x as it doesn’t have AOPC. =)

Damn laser power! I would like that my 3520 would be WITHOUT that damn AOPC. I’m like an idiot,- wanna see no rings :smiley: And this is just silly me :smiley:
Well thanks a lot!

BTW… do you have any reading issues with those discs ? Try a transfer rate test with those disc. If the transfer rate is clean… I wouldn’t worry much about the rings.

EDIT: I still don’t see rings on my TYG01 burned @ 4x =)

Good, but i want to see plain disc, hell, i don’t burn at high speeds!
Can AOPC on my 3520 somehow be turned off?

No. Actually it can be turned off with a hack in the firmware… but I don’t know how. However I wouldn’t recommend it… the AOPC is there with a reason… and that is to increase burn quality. =)

Get a different model burner if you don’t like the rings. Try a Plextor.

Try a BenQ =P

BenQ(1620) usually don’t produce a ring. But this morning, after burning one TYG02, I found a distinctive ring near the inner circle.
The next disc showed a similar ring, at a little bit different position. Then the next disc came back to the ringless plain color. It seems that those two discs had some dye defect, so 1620 adjusted its laser strength for the part.

@ Those two discs were still readable, though one of them showed rather high (~150) PIEs for the ring region. The other one scanned almost fine, but I admit it was worse than the others.

Anyway… I believe scanning discs and counting PIFs is a much better way of judging the disc quality, rather than counting the ring numbers. :slight_smile: