Better pc media music player

hello, im new here. need some assistance.
i had a party at my house and i used the standard free media player that came with the pc. all was well BUT i noticed that after 2-3 minutes of a song the energy died down…until a new song came on. Im looking for a media player that will allow you to create a playlist but have the songs switch after a speicied amount of time. does this even exist??

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Foobar is a pretty good music player where you can prepare a list of songs to play and have the songs cross-fade such that there is no silence between songs. This player is free and can be obtained here.

In Foobar, go into File -> Preferences. On the left go into Playback -> DSP Manager. Double-click on “Crossfader” from the Available DSPs listing. Click on ‘Crossfader’, click the ‘Configure selected’ button and finally set the cross-fading duration.

2000ms usually works for songs that fade out quickly, where as 5000ms+ works better for songs that gradually fade out at the end. You’ll need to experiment to work.

If you have songs with excessive silence at the start/end, you can try adding he “Skip Silence” DSP in Foobar, which will cut out audio below a set threshold.