Better PC=Better burns?



would this be true? lets say you have a P4 2.6 1gb 2100 memory vs a AMDX2 5200 4gb 4200 memory is it gonna make any difference or should they be the same? Or does it only depend on if you’re multi tasking and have alot processes running while burning? :confused:


Technically they should be the same…

All you PC has to do is provide the data for the drive to burn, as long as the data is available when the burner wants it there should be no difference between a 486 and a Core 2 Quad system running at 40GHz.

The only thing that could have an effect is the quality of the PSU used in the case, the more stable it is the less chance of errors etc but in the scheme of things changing your disc brand to TY etc will have the most effect on quality and the type of burner will have the next pronounced effect on quality.


I think there won’t be any difference between these two particular machines as even the P4 is overkill for burning purposes. Myself i’m using an old 1 Ghz Celeron with 384 MB RAM and when burning at 12x the buffers are quite unstable, so i won’t go higher than 8x. Once i started a burn at 18x by accident, you can see the result on the attached pic (note the weird writing speed graph).
But disc quality doesnt seem to be bad though. (The used media is Moser Baer made Verbatim)

If you are running several programs while burning, the quality will be probably affected but it should never render your discs unreadable.