Better Mpeg Encoding

Does anyone know of a better program to use to convert mpeg to dvd,other than TMPGEnc ??

Depends on the mpg file, is it mpeg1, mpeg2, vcd, svcd, etc. Many can just be authored with no re-encoding. Have a read of

Currently i am recording from my tv tuner,“Winfast TV 2000 Xp” And saving the files as DVD NTSC Mpeg-2 720x480,I have noticed that my audio capture setting is at Mpeg-1 Audio Layer II,Think that makes a difference ???,And should i be using one of the standard Mpeg-2 640x480 codec’s ?? Instead of the DVD NTSC option…Thank u for your reply…

You are capturing at DVD pic sizso if you do it at any smaller size quality will be lost as it would need to be expanded (re-encoded) up to DVD size again.

You havent really quoted what your problem is other than you want something other than TMPGEnc !

The MP2 audio is NOT a standard for NTSC dvd’s (is for PAL however), so just use TMPGenc to Simple Demux (Files/MPEG Tools) your mpeg2 file to get both the Video & Audio streams, convert the MP2 audio to AC3 with BeSweet GUI/AC3 Machine then author the new audio and old video streams in TMPGENC DVD Author to a VOB set of files ready to burn to your DVDR with Nero or RNM.