Better media for life-time storing

I’ve been using Silver CD-R for a while because they were the cheapest, but now that money won’t be a problem for me again, I’d like to burn data into a higher quality disc. There are several solutions, but I dunno which are the differences between them / dunno which one is the best. See this list to choose one / discuss about it:

  • High Tech. Plastic (Makrolon). I’ve seen 2 manufacturers that are selling cd-r made with this plastic, one is MMORE and the other ProDye. I bought one 50 pieces spindle from MMORE, and no problem at all but they’re still silver cd-r.
  • Carbon. I dunno if these are similar to PSX discs (black colour), but it’s said that are better than silver.
  • Azo, MetalAzo, SuperAzo (Verbatim or TY). Any comments? Maybe the best.
  • Crystal (?). The last Verbatim CD-R I used, was branded as DataLifePlus - SuperAzo+Crystal. Special covering film?
  • Diamond. Woa, this are the most expensive I’ve already seen, but they look like a CD-ROM, grey :rolleyes:

That’s all - See ya !

First of all there really is no such thing as LIFE time storing…why? All media over time will degrade. There are many factors that can cause this to happen. Search this forum to learn more about this area.

It also depends on the make/model of your burner…as some media work and burn better with various brands. Please provide details so we may help you.

If you want your media to last for a long time, use something with a gold reflective layer because it is much more resistant to oxidation than typical media.

So will the human health until a person dies.

When saying “life” in a question like that, one obviously means a few decades. And a quality produced digital compact disc IS supposed to last for that kind of time… in theory, at least. :slight_smile:

Another way of asking the same question would be, media that lasts for 30 years as opposed to 3 years.

Ok, I’ve been using several unknown brand cd-r for the last 3 years. It all began with vivastar (light blue dye) 12x, princo (light blue dye) 24x, traxdata 24x-32x-52x (silver), speer 48x, ultron 40x, akira 32x :iagree: and the latest I have are: mmore (makrolon plastic) 52x, verbatim datalife 48x and memorex 52x.

I’ve read here many times that TY are the best in cd-r, the problem is that they’re not available here in Spain. I’ve seen them sometimes on an online shop I use to buy, but they aren’t now, instead they claim to have Verbatim TY (fake?). Anyway other discs would be from Prodye or whichever if they aren’t very expensive; I usually don’t pay more than 0.24€ per disc (spindle no jewelbox). Here you have some examples:
Prodye (made with Makrolon plastic) cd-r 700MB
Prodye Carbon cd-r 700MB
Verbatim cd-r 700MB (TY)

Most manufacturers claim their products have a life up to 100 years. Well that could be if you burn the cd and then leave it in your room without giving it any use - That’s not the point, I just was wondering for a standard, not too expensive cd-r that had a life time of at least, 30 or more years, using them not every day but almost. I suppose that in 10 years or not too far other storing format will have replaced the cd-r, so I will be able to back up most of my cd-r in just one disc * just wondering * :bigsmile:

That’s good of them too, because if I lose my vast collection of carefully stored movies and data a few years from now, I’ll use that as part of my argumentation to sue them.