Better Late then Never!

Hey guys lets give Slysoft the benifit of the doubt here . I know its been a few days since we last heard from them, but I’m really sure they are working really hard to try and crack these new Sony codes. Yes I too have been having trouble with Saw3. Who knows they aslo might have to update CloneDVD2. Like I always say BETTER LATE THEN NEVER. :slight_smile:

Anydvd works with Saw 3 R1.

The changelog didn’t say anything about a fix for Saw 3.

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Perhaps reviewing below posting by SlySoft (James) will be helpful ->


Nice find BeLooken.

Thanks for helping to clear this confusion up.

BeLooken is right, but in this case there was another reason: I didn’t know, if this version would work with Saw III, because I still haven’t received the damn disc. :a
It looks like the problem was an overflow in the program, I never thought of a disc which can have almost 100 error zones:

  • Change: Increased the number of possible errors on one disc
  • Change: Increased the number of possible sector and file replacements on one disc

You live on Antigua?

MBK is saying Saw 3 R1 won’t work with Shrink and 1-Click and Anydvd–but Nero Recode and Clonedvd2 work.

Guess Shrink and 1-Click users can wait until you get the disc.