Better frm 0151 or 0051? Read this story

Hi everybody I’m back… I was very happy because after a lot of problems I was burning sucessfully with my dwr1004 with a lot pf media and finding alwas improves on new firmwares… until 0151…

Now I have buy 100 dvd-r fortis (VDSPMSAB 01) that from the seller was garantited 100% compatible with all burners… It is true!! The problem is that after they doesn’t play on 80% of the players. Burning they to 4x they are unreadable by my btc drw1004 with frm 0051, unreadable by my lg internal dvd-rom, unreadable by ps2 and play very good on my amstrad dx 3014. After asearch on btc site I realize that there was a new firmare: the 0151. Burning this media at 4x with the drw1004 the burning finish perfectly like old firmware but the incompatibility go on 100%. None is able to read this media. So I have tried to burn this media at 2x with firmware 0051 and the compatibility seems to be better. They play almost on all dvd except by the fact that the end of the DVD give often problems with some dvd players. It seems that the result is different burning the media with same firmware at the same velocity. I have tried to burning this media at 2x also with new firmware 0151 and the result seem better on old firmware 0051. Also the playback compatibility seems better those of old firmware.

This media seems not good but I have to say that on pioneer burners the burning result seems much better than btc drw1004.