Better Firmware 20A1P or DW-2000?

I have a Benq DW-1680 crossflashed to DW-2000 and I want to know whether LiteOn 20A1P KL0M is better than 6B33 firmware or not :slight_smile:

How did you crossflash?? I have a DW1800 and a DW2000 but it would still be very interesting for me to be able to do this :slight_smile:

I noticed a difference when scanning with CD-speed. The spin-up both Lite-On and BenQ firmwares on both drives seem to get the drive to 4X (just what it seems like to me) and once the scan starts it move towards the selected scan speed. This causes an incorrect reading with the Lite-On firmware in the beginning of the scan where the speed is moving towards the selected speed. I don’t see this problem withe the BenQ firmware. You can try and see if it does the same for you.

I’m not so sure the SolidBurn works for the BenQ firmware though. As you can see on the attachment, there is repetition of Media codes and I find that really odd. Also this ‘learnt’ media was carried over from burns done with the Lite-On firmware so that should say something.

Other than that, I think the BenQ firmware is slightly better though I don’t see why.

I am currently using the BenQ FastBurn firmwares, which seemed to cause problems while burning DVD+RW on both drives (haven’t tried the Lite-On FastBurn versions on DVD+RW). I use the DW1800 for backups so I put the original GL0G on to avoid the problem. I haven’t explored this any further so if anyone has similar experiences on it then that could be helpful.

These drives are in different machines, if that makes any difference.

Here is an example of the error that occurs with the Lite-On firmware scanning.

I’ve got the PIE spike before but not the PIF spike with my 20A1P using LO f/w.

It may be an issue with my setup though, but the spike does disappear when I move to the BenQ firmware. I also only tested it with 2 discs.