Better drive?

im building a new computer before i go off to college and i need to pick up a dvd, and a cd-rw so i did a quick search on the best drives to buy.

for the cd-rw i came up with:
the liteon 40x12, it is far cheaper than the plextor and is better with SD2, but it cant do protected audio. i read somewhere about a brand LG (?) would that be the better choice?

for dvd:
again i came up with the lite-on 16x as it is also cheap. would the be the better choice or should i go with a toshiba? can the liteon read protected audio?

i apologize for asking a questioon which has probably been asked many times.
any and all help is greatly appreciated.

not to be rude, but since you are going off to college, the odds are you will find you never need to buy a cd again, and protected audio reading might not be an issue. just my 2 cents :wink:

i thought about that. the protected audio was never an important issue, but it might be nice to have it if i ever do encounter it.

frailimbnursry, check the end of this post, might be worth having a look.