Better Compression Programs Beside DVD Shrink



:a I’m looking for a switch program besides DVD shrink. I’m having issues with miami vice.
All help is appricated.



Is your problem with decrypting or compressing?


compressing… shrink is not doing its job… lol. trying to fit MVice on the regular 4.7g dvd


Movie only?

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yes sir… thats all what its for… any suggestions??


No there are really not any better compression programs, they will give you the same result.

So how far do you have to compress it to make it fit after you have removed the menu’s,subtitles,extra’s,etc?

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yes i used dvd fab plat… just did the main movie…thinking dvd fab would compress it enough for burning on a single layer disk… but nope… think i tried to compress with shrink and it gave me no results… so i have MiamiV waiting. lol… I’m lookin around… hopefully something will come through…


DvDShrink will work, but if you have to compress it more then 80% you will start to see a degrade in picture quailty on the bigger t.v. screens. That’s up to you. Why don’t you split the movie onto 2 DvD’s?

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hahaha good idea but to much work to switch dvd’s ALL the time… the quality to me is a huge thing that is why i’m trying to find a substitue for my issue… or i will evenually find someone that got the issue resolved. usually i get them done first but i’m not worried… i might just test out the 2dvd’s just to play with it…
any new good movies?


Look here

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oh sweet… i completely forgot about that process… hell i’ll try that out. do you think i will degrade the video quality?


I myself have never double compressed before. Most of the time I will put in on a Dual Layer Media. Single Layer Media is cheap go for it, and see if you can live with the quality.

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well how about i test it out for you and see if its worth it… haha i will be on again


Why don’t you use DVD-Rebuilder?


Nice another program i can use. I’ve heard of it once but never had the chance to review it. If its going to solve my problem then i’m all about it.

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This was what I was about to suggest. It is a great program.


In my opinion the only program to use if you want good compression at high levels is DVD-Rebuilder. I got the pro version with CCE Basic and it’s been awesome.


Nice I will have to DLoad it… Any other programs to DL that are useful?


DVD Rebuilder is what you want, as has been said. Just understand that it takes FAR longer than a transcoding engine as it’s going to actually reencode the video. The results are night and day, however, and will give you the results you’re looking for.


If you decide to go with DvD Rebuilder and you have to compress more then 80%, make sure that you do a least 3 passes especially because of DVD Rebuilder’s ‘segmented’ nature (divides the movie into segments, so the allocation of bits is limited). If you don’t need high compression, let’s say under 80%, you can use 2 passes without any problems.

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