Better burner with ty media?

after the recent demise of my last burner (litey 451s) i am forced to buy a new one. i was wondering if anyone has any opinions of which is a better burner with ty02 +r media, the lg gsa 4163b or the benQ dw 1620pro? i am going to order one of these burners tonight, along with a hundred blank discs. any input appreaciated. thanks,

Had very good results with 1620 & this media.
Good luck with purchase

hehe, always with the comparisions. my vote is for benq dw1620 for the great supporting software and firmware releases, along with quality burns.

I am currently using all three drives you mentioned and I would give a small nod to the LG for burning TY’s (YUDEN000T002). That’s a general statement, but all are good and it seems as if the batch to batch difference in the TY’s is more important than the burners in question. I can only comment on the +R Discs burned at the rated speed.

If you’re going to burn at rated speed, both 1620 and 4163 (from what I’ve seen) are good. I can only comment on 1620 though. Here’s one 99% with older firmware, @12x. I would recommend 1620 since it can burn @16x with stock firmware.

don’t forget the quality of TY media at rated speeds in Plextor drives…those guys at TY and Plextor do work together a lot.

True the BenQ can burn at 16x, but the total time for the burn is just about where the LG is at a 12x. I go through about 50 discs per week and have found that 8x +R’s @8x gives me the best and most consistent results. And considering all the time to rip, shrink, burn, verify, scan and then pop into a player - a minute or two saved is kind of a none issue to me at least.

My Benq and LG both burn 8x in 8 minutes. The LG burns 12x at about 6:30 minutes which is where my BenQ is at 16x. The Benq with the speed patch however, is a great ripper, and this saves me 8 minutes (rip, verify) in what is normally a one to three hour process.