Bethere ISP (UK)

Has anyone here either heard or use this ISP? What are they like? I am mainly interested as it is offering upto 1.3meg ul which would be great for me, sending movies of special occassions to family in other countries is so slow using the standard upload that I have (256k). As they are only £6 more than I pay now it isn’t much of an increase for an upload boost of nearly 5 times. I just wanted to get some feedback before I contacted them.

Have a look here :-

I have but no comments. That’s whay I am asking here if anyone has experience of this ISP.

That uses ADSL2 so you must be near one of the few ADSL2 trial exchanges

Yes known already, as I have said the exchange near me will be active in May. I am interested in people experience with them not the technicalities of it.