Betanews Interview: Ogg Vorbis Frees the Music



I just posted the article Betanews Interview: Ogg Vorbis Frees the Music.

Betanews has done an interview with the Vorbis Product Manager, Jack Moffitt. He is (together with tens of people) responsible that there is such a thing a OGG. Ogg vorbis is an open source music…

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yeah hope ogg will be standard since its free… :slight_smile: and we all want information to be free right? :9


Ogg is the way to go!! I hope everyone will start using it! (I already use it for my DVD to DivX rips)


Yup Ogg Vorbis is an awsome format and it’s free and opensourced. I also hope it becomes a standard as MP3 is now.