Betamax -> SVCD/DVD?

I’ve been looking for a bit of help in this area: I want to transfer video tape to SVCD and DVD. The source material is a combo of SuperBeta (~360-line) and Extented Definition (ED)-Beta (~500-line) tapes. Dupes to: The former to SVCD and the latter to DVD-R (best match for resolution). My once-fortune-costing Sony EDV-9000 ED-Beta deck is in tip-top shape & I believe my PC has a capture capability built into the video card. Where do I go from there?

If your video card has the capability to capture video, I think this is quite easy to do. I assume your Betamax vcr is equipped with a composite output, right? Just connect the comp. output of the vcr to the comp. input of your computer (and the sound output of the vcr to the line in of the sound card) and there’s your hardware setup.

For capturing, a lot of programs can be used. A really easy program to use is the MS Moviemaker (comes with Windows XP). Just select your source and format and off you go. First, you can capture the video as some kind of AVI. Afterwards, using a MPEG2 encoder, you can convert the AVI to MPEG2 (for SVCD or DVD).

As I don’t know how much experience you have with stuff like this, it’s kind of hard for me to tell in what detail I should describe this to you… so let us know what you understand from my story (perhaps you feel like saying D’OH!!! ;)) and I’m quite sure we can help you out…!

Sorry for not replying sooner; been away. But I’m a total newbie to capturing, but I checked my video card and determined that I have capture capability using either composite or S-Video input. Since my deck is an ED-Beta, it has an S-Video output so I’ll use that for best quality. So I think I could use Moviemaker to capture the videos and then Tmpgenc+ to encode. I’m gonna try it an see what happens.