can someone please explain what beta blocker does. I have an LG 8080B which does not write in DAO 96 mode, and does not encode EMF correctly. WILL I STILL BE ABLE TO MAKE WORKING BACKUPS WITH BETABLOCKER.


By the way, which image file do I use with betablocker .ccd .img or.sub. Why are there 3 by the way and not one?


[li].img => image file
[/li][li].sub => subchannel image file
[/li][li].ccd => CloneCD file, describes the tracks to be found in the image file




here are the infos i have:

it would be kind of you if you try sd2.51.xx



so which image file do I use. and with what program do I have to burn it?


You use the *.img file, and burn it with CloneCD.


Use the .img file and let BetaBlocker patch the image. Use CloneCD afterwards to write the modified CloneCD image to a cd!

BTW, instead of BetaBlocker you could also use the AWS function from CloneCD.