im trying to backup a copy of sims house party which has safedisc 2 protection. I have a velocd tdk 16\10\40 burner. i used betablocker to patch the image and burned it back to the cd with clonecd but the game freezes in the beginning while its detecting the cd. i have seen posts where they backedup that game with betablocker and i did it just like they said but it didnt work. please help.


Never used Betablocker, do know that the fixed-exe from TL works! :wink:


I tried Sims Party myself and indeed it doesn’t work perfect. It worked in some drives but still some drives couldn’t read it :frowning: My Plex 1210A could read it perfect but it already could read SD2 copies…

Well I think you’re just out of luck since BetaBlocker doesn’t work for all games and I think Sims Party is one of them …


where do i find the fixed exe at. im not sure what tl is?


I think TL stands for Twilight CD’s. These are warez CD’s with games and apps which have been pre-cracked. I think you’ll find a fixd exe for Sims House Party at

Yes indeed. Sorry for the typo :wink:


I think that link should be