Betablocker v1.01 and SD 2.51

Another question here -

I’ve attempted to backup a few SD 2.51 games with no success.

The games i’ve tried - C&C Renegade, Sims Vacation

I am using CloneCD v3.1 (around there, 3.1 something)

My writer is a Ricoh 24x12?x32. It supports RAW-DAO but not correct EFM recording. SafeDisc 2 was copyable using AWS.

To copy SD 2.51 I patch the images with new BetaBlocker. Then I burn with AWS off. The result is a not starting copy. But I can always crack the games with UnSafeDisc 2.51.

Is BetaBlocker 2.51 supposed to be compatible with every writer?

its like AWS, its hit and miss if it works or not. sorry, but thank the gods for unsafeshit, huh :slight_smile: