Betablocker for Safedisc 2.60.052 or higher

Does anyone have a betablocker for Safedisc 2.60.052 or higher?

Mak. :a

For what? The weak sectors are the same for SD 2.51.021 till SD

hmm… I tried used the betablocker then burned it with my Plextor 12/10/32A. Isn’t the betablocker suppose to remove the safedisc protection or am I missing something. I already know that Plextor’s have problems copying safedisc protected CDs. That’s why I was asking for the betablocker.


The protection can’t be removed. It can only be made easier to burn (“AWS”).
But it’s possible that this writer can’t write the 14B9 pattern at all, even not if it’s amplified.

Do you mind telling me how to do it please.

I have the most update CloneCD version… I tried firmware version 1.04 and 1.10 for the PlexWriter. What should I do?