BetaBlocker explanation

OK I have a plextor 121032s, and used my Plextor x40(r1.05) with CloneCD to read different SD2 games to images on my HD, I then opened betablocker and dropped the data files in, and the weak sectors were patched. I then burned the games back and they work in all 3 cdroms I have. IF you try to make another copy using CloneCD it wont work, you have to image, then patch, and then burn. SD2 contains weak sectors, which most cd writers out there on the market cannot write, and therefore the copy fails. Betablocker patches the weak sectors so your cd writer can duplicate them successfully. I spent evaluating this product, and can say it does the job perfectly. An update would be appreciated as the SD2 protection will be updated too defeat this program, and therefore it will be useless. So a little msg to the author of this program, can you release a revised edition to cope with the possibilty of the SD2 weak sectors being random on the cd, rather than in one particular area. i.e. scan the entire clonecd image. Hope this helps you all out