BetaBlocker and Max Payne

Hello, sorry for my newbieness but I am also dying to get my Max Payne 2 working. I see most of u guys r copying CD’s from a full retail version of the game, but I am trying to burn the ISO’s… and so far I have been having problems with just the first CD, the installation one. I tried overburning with Nero burning ROM but when I try to install it, it gives me some “component main” error or something and it says there is a error in and stops about 67% of installation without even asking me for 2nd CD (if it has to). Is betablocker and CDclone what I need also for ISO’s or r those programs just to make a direct copy of the game? Thanks alot in advance, any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


ISOs?. If you don’t own the original game don’t post. On the other hand, there are plenty of guides for imaging the original and achieving working backup