Betablocker and cdmate?

I used to use clonecd for all my backup work, and found that I could copy anything with it and betablocker, but I’ve now got cd mate and was wondering if betablocker will work with cdmate image files, or if there is another form of program that will do the same job, or if I need to stick to clonecd?

Any ideas woulc be appreciated


Betalocker works only with clonecd images and you have to use clonecd to burn that!

Because Clonecd reads all protection like they should but if you use normal cd burning program then there is no any “special” information, so copy won’t work!

just use clonecd and betablocker together!

If you know betablocker is only for sd2… so you have to read cd with lower speed or just use read retryes 3-5!

bye! :smiley:

You can also use Fantom CD to burn Clonecd image files, even the image files have been fixed with Betalocker.

Try this Fantom CD

you can use betablocker with all mode 1 / 2352 images