What is BetaBlocker?:confused:

What I found on our main news site:

Betablocker, the software that is able to patch a SafeDisc protected Image in order to make you able to back it up.

BetaBlocker is used for people suffering from hayfever and similar allergic reactions

Well question is beta bolcker (BB) , is for use if u dont have a say plex 24 liteon 24x which is able to make 1 : 1 copies or does it make a crack for the game to run without the cd in the drive. I know it makes a *.exe but what is it used for? Is it a install exe or playing exe if u understand what I mean.


BetaBlocker doesn’t make a .EXE or whatever. It’s a patcher for CloneCD images. I think you’re referring to the SafeDisc Unwrapper (aka UnSafeDisc) ?

Well I have a liteon 24x now sooooo do i need it now or was it good for me before when I could not make sd1 &2 back ups?


Ehh the Liteon 24x can already do SafeDisc 2 right ? For more info on SafeDisc 2 and its ‘tools’ read this article.