Beta testers for DVD rental compare website wanted

Some of you might already use them, to others it might be something worth to check out, online DVD rental companies. In the US this is already a popular way to rent DVD movies, in Canada, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Ireland there are also companies offering these services.

Online movie rental services offer you the possibility to have an x amount of DVDs at home at any time of the month with the ability to swap them as much as you like for free. No postal fees or any other hidden fees.

You create a wishlist online and once you return a movie the online DVD rental company will send you the next movie on your list.

We have created a website that compares all the services and allow you to compare them by price, post user reviews on their service and rate them. As the target audience for this website fits the CD Freaks audience we would love to hear opinions from CD Freaks visitors.

Also if you know additional companies offering these services then please post them here (preferable also with a link to a page that lists the available plans) so we can add them.

Comments can either be posted here or send to dvdrental[nospam]

The website is located at:

Known issues:

[li] Add more text to explain how it works
[/li][li] Currency missing in search results

I have rented Dvds for about 18 mths. From Screenselect and Lovefilm. I stopped with Screenselect because of having problems with slow turnaround and then ITV joined them and they straight away restricted the Number of Dvds you can have per month.
No problems at all with LOVEFILM. I will continue to use them .

I missed this one for the Netherlands !

I checked out the new site and left a review. The currency showed up in the US 3@time search…just one thing netflix states over 40,000 titles, classics to new releases on their site here …The info on bestdvdrentals shows 25,000

I live in the UK and this seems to be the trend at the moment but isnt the ideas open to abuse eg dvds getting lost in the post customers refusing/ not sending dvds back?

Like Little L, I use screenselect and it is true that they have slow turnaround which makes a lie of “unlimited DVDs”.
Which leads me to the “restricted DVD’s per month” bit, I have not experienced or been advised of this and as stated they are currently advertising “unlimited” dvd’s per month.
Lovefilm has so far been good but wish they had a “unlimited” package as their maximum is 6 per month.

It may well be but their terms do include the right to report to the post office for investigation and subsequent recourse to report to the police.
In the last 7 months 1 disc has not reached me and 2/3 have not reached the rental company from my return and no querys or hassles raised.
But they will be keeping track - just as well that they are genuine.

Thank you all for your feedback! I would appreciate it a lot when feedback on the companies would be posted on the DVD rental website instead of here, so you don’t have to sign up or even give out your email address.

Regarding the two points mentioned about the website:

It’s there as Keeno / Videoland, I will change it to Videoland / Keeno one of these days as Videoland is probably much more known. They are in some kind of joint venture.

Yes the currency bug was fixed a few hours later after my posting. I will fix the DVD amounts. Thanks a lot!

Like Little L I use Screenselect and Lovefilm in the UK, the slow turnaround comment with Screenselect is true and makes a mockery of “Unlimited DVD’s” which they still advertise so cannot backup the comment of “restricted the DVDs per month”.

Lovefilm so far has been good but their maximum package is 6 per month.

In Mozilla, when I click on the company name (icon), the result is a blank page.

You’re listing WalMart as a player in the USA, and they sold their online DVD rental business to Netflix several weeks ago.

Hi cbobting and others,

i’m in France and i’ve been renting DVD since october 2003.

During all this time i’ve experienced 2 differents services and have been through some problems.
I’ve been suspended from the 1st service after 3 DVD loss during returns (thanks French Postal Services) and i’ve received a few (3 or 4 in 10 months) scratched discs (which were all replaced for free).
The 2nd service which i’ve been member of since this september, well, so far, no loss, 1 DVD received broken (replaced for free), and 3 scratched Discs (the 1st 2 replaced for free, the last one i had to re-rent it).

I do believe that this DVD rental is not just a trend and have so nice years ahead until anyone can keep a decent internet connection speed and then it should smoothly switch to online pay per view HD video.