Beta Test Philips' New MP3 Boombox



I just posted the article Beta Test Philips’ New MP3 Boombox….

I read on Betanews that philips is looking for beta testers for it’s new MP3 soundmachine (eXpanium AZ1155). You can sign up till 24 july. 50 people will be chosen at random.

The AZ1155 MP3-CD…

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hmmm those question they are asking (if you want to subscribe for beta testing) are really weird, they want to know how manny cd’s you burn in a month, how many mp3 cds you have, how many mp3/wma files are on youre harddrive etc…


yak…what a mega ugly thing…


is this thing an ET head?:d


…Nevermind the looks on that thing… Just sign up to the beta-test, hope to get choosen, and if you don’t want to test it, contact one of the Freaks (or me :7 ) to get this thing tested! The Philips drives (and surrounding hardware) have already made pretty much promising stories, so one could be really curious about the new techniques!