Beta Dual Layer DaVinci Code Problems

Has any one else exsperiance problems with Dual Layer clone of The DaVinci Code and Full disk & Movie only - Dual Layer of the same.
I am using a Plextor PX760a with Nov06 Firmware.
Had to slow down burn speed and the software is stil not poping up the compleated succesfuly box. It stays stuck on finalizing even though the progress text says it is finished. With the slow burn it will play with a fast burn it is picsalated and unuseable. Used Philips and Verbatim Dual layer disks Same results on both.

Make sure that [B]Do Not Eject Disc When Finished[/B] is not checked in common settings under write section.


I burned Code today but not in clone mode: I burned the movie only to a DL and the extras on Disc 2 to a DVD5 using “Customize”. If you don’t select all the previews etc. the extras with menus fit on a DVD5 with no compression. Both were perfect. :slight_smile: (The DL was burned at 2.4X on Verbatim).