Besweet mp2 to ac3 problem



Hello All,
Thanks to ChickenMans guide and help I successfully converted a pal xvid file to ntsc dvd. No I cannnot get the mp2 file to transcode to ac3. I follow all the steps press mp2 to ac3 I get a message saying trancoding for less than a second and then nothing. Anyone have any ideas??


uninstalled and reinstalled besweet and besweet gui and ac3enc and it’s transcoding as I type… Another case of FM (Forum Magic) :cool:


Good to hear all is well :slight_smile:


Worked great ChickenMan,
Thanks for the great guides :slight_smile:


Remember that doing AC3 --> MP2 is easy, because the quality of the MP2 (like VCDs) audio is a little worse than the Dolby surround, doing vice versa is not exactly the same thing (garbage in = garbage out).