Well, I own 5 CDRW’s of this brand which should do fine when I burn them @ 10x. But if I do this, it cannot be played in any drive. Not in my pc, not in a standalone drive.
When I burn @ 4x everything works ok. In my pc ok and in my Car-MP3 player.

Do you think it’s possible to complain (with succes) by the manufacturar?

Don’t know bestmedia much…used some of their 4X certified discs though. Without problems.

Read on the cover, is there written something about warranty? Maybe warranted against production defects?

My guess is that if you complain they may blame your writer or software…but you may give it a try though. But don’t have to big hopes.

It doesn’t say anything about waranty :frowning: , but it sais 4x-10x music, data, photo & video. So it should work right? Anyway, will try one disc more 2day and if it’s the same I’ll try contacting these guys. (company in Germany)