"bestest" Firmware?

Well i have read lots of threads here about nec 2550A’s firmware…but i am still pretty unsure on which could be THE best to use: i have the stock 3121900 now and i am using CMC MAG. AF1 DVD-R. I read about Herrie’s beta 6 coming soon. Will it be reliable concerning write quality as the stock one i have now ??


Testing so far shows excellent write quality on most media!

“The Best” one to use will always be the one that delivers the results you want. In most cases, the stock firmware is the best for quality and reliability. If you’re not comfortable with flashing back and forth between versions, and if you are not willing to void your warranty, then stick with the stock F/W.

Different drives of the same model do not all respond the same to different F/W and media. You really have to evaluate them for yourself using your own drive and media.