Bestbuy - Verbatim 100 pks @ $22.99 16x DVD+R & -R

Has anyone been to a store and checked out the packaging to see where they were made? If it’s of a favorable location, I may actually spend the $5 or so in round trip gas costs to buy a pack or two.

I just realized how tough the Bestbuy site is to navigate. There’s a load of javascript and ad site checkers that my Adblock Plus blocks. Their index isn’t so great either. The main Computers menu doesn’t even have a link to media.

Newegg’s site is quite a slow loader, too. Why do these sites pack so much script into their main pages? Between embedded flash links and other graphics, one site can fill a browser cache!

I got one yesterday Verb DVD+R ( MCC004 )
[B]CMC [/B]made [B]PAP6[/B]

Could we see some burns, please?

Would be very nice to see some burns. Last night introduced Slysoft software to my sister-inlaw and mother-inlaw. They had some Memorex blanks (they all failed) and finally got one playable burn on Maxwell. If these are good Verb’s hopefully they can spot them at one of the 5 local BB stores in there area.
Would most appreciate packaging clues to look for.

How does the Lite-On 20A4P handle the 16x -R’s when burning at 8x or 4x? I know the old Lite-on 3s models weren’t that keen on the -R’s. I had some decent -R scans with the original stock firmware (1633s BSOS), but not with the flashed CS0P, CS0R or CSOT.

[QUOTE=Dalen Quaice;2061299]Could we see some burns, please?[/QUOTE]

I didn’t test yet but …sometime soon
I got some here ( 100disc spindles from Micro Center [B]MCC004 PAP6[/B] )
Best burn speed 6X with Plextor PX760A and PIO 115D / 215D