BestBuy TDK 50pk: TY or not TY?



Anyone got those TDK 50pk cake boxes?
I got 2. There is white sticker that says “Made in Japan”…
Here comes the problem or maybe it’s nothing at all: this white sticker cover what was originaly printed on the box label: “Maide in Taiwan”
I could see the barcode the orignal and stiker’s are identical.
What’s the deal here?

I would not be asking the question i f only I was able to get my hands on Fuji’s 100pk box(es). Unfortunately, I was a bit late.


P.S. If I open the box to get the mdia code and the disk would be something else beside TY, would BB take open box back?


I’ve heard people taking back open media to BB, you might call them.


i’ve posted this before. i took back 2 (opened) 50pc cake boxes of the fuji (ty). i had even burnt 10 discs out of 1 cake box. they took them back, gave me a full refund. explain to them that they don;t burn in your dvd burner. they lock up machine, and the ones that do burn produce unreadable discs.


I just bought one TDK 8X DVD-R 50pk today for $19.99 at Best Buy using a gift card from Christmas, and in my Lite-on 411s FS0J they only let me write at 2X, media code: TTG02, Made in Taiwan. I’m thinking of returning them. I have not used any discs yet; They better give me a full refund.

Disc Type DVD-R
Book Type DVD-R
Manufacturer TDK Corporation
Media ID TTG02
Protection System None
Region 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Capacity 4.38 GB
Free Size 4.38 GB
Free Blocks 2298496
Number of Layers 1
Linear Density 0.267 um/bit
Track Density 0.74 um/track
Maximum Read Speed 2.4x
Maximum Write Speed 2.0x
Current Write Speed 2.0x CLV
Write Speed Performance Descriptor 1 2.0x CLV


Others have bought spindles with the “Made in Japan” sticker and they are indeed Taiyo Yuden discs. I have one right beside me as I type this.


just back from bestbuy. tdk’s 8x +r are made in tai and mij. the mij tdk’s have a sticker over upc and cake box is a little dif. this has been documented in forum before. mij tdk 8x +r is ty.


Interesting. Does this apply to the -R media as well? Has anyone run a blank through DVD Decrypter or DVDinfopro to verify this?


As far as I know the -R is all made in Taiwan with media code TTG02. My spindle of MIJ +Rs don’t seem to be as good as the Fujifilm ones I have, as these won’t burn higher than 8x on my PX-712A.


tik-tak, I was in BB near Seattle today, and I saw an open - and resealed - stack of discs that had an explanatory note on the top stating that it was an opened stack. They were marked for sale at a lower price than normally.

So, one can conclude that SOME opened media has been taken back for a refund.


I doubt anyone here buys online, but i was wondering if chance there is, what mid the 8x dvd+r tdk’s are, if they’re mij or not. There isn’t a best buy within two hours for me so it would be very helpful.


Buying from BB online there’s no way of knowing if you’ll get the MIJ TY or the MIT Ricoh discs.


Yup, and actually alot of us buy online. We just prefer to buy the actual TY discs so it removes the guesswork. They are a little more expensive then these in store specials but then again, you don’t have to go driving all over the place just to find out the media isn’t what you want. Barring some older 50 packs of MIJ Fujis, all the media at my local BB is made in Taiwan. I have wasted so much gas trying to get in on some TY produced discs that it has negated any possible savings over just ordering the actual TY discs straight from About $30 for a 50 pack with ground shipping for 8x TY +R or -R. The site is one of the most trustworthy places to order from.


i order online and pick it up at the store (less than 10 blocks away). if what they set aside for me is MIT, i demand the MIJ spindle instead. just picked up MIJ 100pk of TYT02 for 39.99.


Today, I successfully exchanged my TDK DVD-R 50pk for a TDK DVD+R 50pk and the MID for the DVD+R is YUDEN000T02. The paper around the cakebox said Made In Taiwan, but there was a new label stuck on top that said Made in Japan. Also today I saw one spindle that was Made in Taiwan, but that cakebox is slightly different. There is more empty space at the top before you see the first disc. Attached are photos from the DVD+R MIJ cakebox.


would compusa accept full refund on opened dvd+r as well? :confused: I just bought a spindle of 50pk CMC TDKs three days ago and used one dvd+r.


I was in a COMP store yesterday, and was told that they would not take back opened media.


i must say i have never done the media return at compusa. i have returned to staples and bestbuy and both stores were very accommodating. i went in there ready for a brawl, but they were very courteous and exchanged without a problem, offering me a refund, store credit or exchange. i can’t believe compusa would take such a hard stance, I would not buy media from a source that will not exchange. Sorry for rant, but that’s why I buy this stuff at brick/mortar. I returned 2 dvd -burners online and had to eat shipping 2 x’s and a 15% restocking fee. Bought online media (ridata 100 pc cake box) that burned like crap. From a reputable etailer (newegg). It costs too much to ship back, had to eat that bs too. If the manufactures expect you to pay a premium price for their named brand media, I expect a premium mid, and if they give me some crap mid, then back it goes. You know I’m not returning my ty, so why would they foist off some other garbage on me…


and further more, while i’m at it, now that u got me started, :bigsmile:

“would compusa accept full refund on opened dvd+r as well? I just bought a spindle of 50pk CMC TDKs three days ago and used one dvd+r.”

lets say i burn this cmc disc, and its a real coaster in my burner (a very common occurrence). wouldn’t that be a defective product and grounds for a legitimate return ??? sounds like a valid reason to bring discs back, how could they refuse.


I just come back from BB with TDK MIJ and they are TY02. I also asked if I could take back open media and she said yes as long as you have all the media (chewed up or not she said) and the wrapper … everything, then they would.