BestBuy Sony +R 100 Pack?

Anyone know what media code the Sony 100 pack of +R that came out this Sunday for $25 are?


SONY D21. Sony doesn’t use any other media for their 16x +Rs.

so would this be good buy then ?? curious.

They would be ok for everyday use, I’m not confident enough with then yet to recommend them for archival. BTW, they could be either MIT or MIJ.

I agree. As long as you kept an eye on them, you could use them for archival. For everyday stuff, they are absolutely fine. I’ve just bought 5 SONY16D1’s, and they are performing very nicely indeed.

I assume you are in the US. If so these sony’s are made in taiwan only. these are the only DVD+R’s I use and they work excellent with my external lite-on burner.

Not a true statement, I have a spindle of MIJ’s on my desk currently. They are getting alot more difficult to find however, especially with everywhere under the sun having sales on them over the past few months :slight_smile:

Let me rephrase. If you are going to buy these 100 pack DVD+R’s at BEST BUY (keyword best buy) these will only be Made in Taiwan.

I thought that the 100 disc cakeboxes were always MIT :confused:

I can’t recall if this was a 50pk or 100pk as I have a habit of switching cakeboxes when a 100pk gets depleted enough to do so :doh:

Hehehe, you do my trick then. Glad I’m not the only one who does that :bigsmile:

I can’t remember either if I got my MIJ Sony D21’s in 2x50 or 1x100, it has been a long time though since I seen MIJ on the 16x+R

Be relieved then, you aren’t alone in having limited space for media storage :disagree: :bigsmile:

Next year [B]MAX[/B] I will have to move to an apartment of my own away from the room I live in now in the family apartment because burnt media is filling up the whole place :doh:


Whew. Might have to rearrange my closet the way my media buying is going :doh:

If you’re anything like me, that won’t work :disagree: :bigsmile: