BestBuy never has FujiFilm TY anymore

Anyone else notice this???

Did they discontinue to import them or something… I have been waiting months now.

It has been like this for many months. Sony TY is widely available, especially YUDEN000T02. Lately Sony TYG02 is spotted on their new Sony AccuCore DVD-R MIJ, here. :slight_smile:

Where have you been? My local BB has been out of them for about a year and a half now. Tons of reports here on the disappearance of Fuji TY stock all over the place.

wowsers, a year and a half, maybe I am more lucky than others then because I was abel to get these about 3 1/2 months ago, but they have disappeared from my BB in NY since that date.

Guess it will have to be Sony from now on. sigh :frowning:

Not just all over the place; all over the world. Fujifilm doesn’t seem to be getting it’s discs made by TY anymore. Once the old stock ran out, that was that. The newer Fujifilm discs are all MIT and seem to be a mix of FUJIFILM and PRODISC media codes. Packaging is different too.

Good luck finding ANYTHING TY at BB or FutureShop - They will buy what costs them less. The FUJIFILM, at least as far as I know, the spindles, are RITEKR03.

Most of the crap sold at BestBuy/FutureShop is based on RITEKR03 or CMC, the 2 most likely ones where Memorex, Maxell and FUji is concerned…

Good luck finding ANYTHING TY at BB or FutureShop

Well, you can still find TYG02 and T02’s at BB rebadged as Sony 1-8x +/-R as we recently discussed in this thread here below:

The Sony MIJ 16x +R are arguably better media, or equal to TY T02 in some drives. Especially when burned at 12x or 16x.


I made a post about this in January of last year when I first noticed that the BB
at Broadway/lafayette and also at 23rd street stopped having any.

I still have a lot of FujiFilm MIJ stocked up… about 150 discs. But I will get the Sonys if I need them. I also like the Verbatim 16x discs.

I see you are also a Brooklynite… now I know my competition in getting quality media when it goes on sale… :wink:

You could just order them from, you know. :wink: