Bestbuy lost ruling - to raise prices on DVD and CD

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JimKiler used our newssubmit to tell us that Bestbuy, one of the US largest consumer electronics retailers is likely to raise the prices of CDs and DVDs. The company has recently aquired Musicland,…

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besides only have one decent brand of blank cds there, this is just another reason not to shop there

which is also why i do m,ost of my shopping on the internet now.:slight_smile:

I work at Best Buy Part-time & I could care less if they raise DVD & CD prices. Best Buy makes less than $2.00 on most DVD’s & less than $1.00. My employee discount is 5% above cost & I on average save $1.00 on each DVD. If I bought CD’s (haven’t bought a CD since 1999) I would save about 33 cents. Media Play is also owned buy Best Buy. Generally most CD’s & DVD’s cost $1.00-$3.00 more at Media Play than they do at Best Buy. Usually the managers tell us when there is going to be an increase in price but so far they have not said anything about raising DVD & CD prices. Tuesday is Best Buy’s biggest DVD sale day because that’s when all the new DVD’s come out. On average our store will sell between $7,000 - $15,000 a day in DVD, CD, & PS2/Xbox/Game Cube sales. Turn On the Fun! BTW I hate working at Best Buy. If you want to know anything about the crap that goes on at Best Buy you can ask me or go to for a good laugh.

WTF?! $32.99 for a f***ing DVD?!?! Are they out of their minds?!?! :r :frowning:

that’s why Circuit City is better.:slight_smile: and with those commercials with not needing an excuse or a receipt for any returns makes it even better!

I heard best buy sells shit that doesn’t pass quality check in the factory. That way they buy and sell it cheaper. Circuit City tried to charge me a restocking fee for a broken computer after I seen an ad on TV about how they don’t have restocking fees. I told them to fuck off, and cussed out the manager and didn’t have to pay it. But my question is, why was circuit city trying to restock a computer if it was broken. Don’t restock it, fix it or throw it away. You can’t just sell it to someone else.

I’ve had good experiences with Best Buy contrary to all these negative comments, they have always been the cheapest CD/DVD retail store at least here in Miami, FL. HOWEVER this is true about raising prices…at least on DVD’s this past Saturday on October 5th I went to check out some anime DVD’s and noticed that almost ALL of them had their prices raised buy at least $5. I quickly left in disgust…now after seeing this report I partially understand…but I still think it’s b/c Best Buy got contaminated by Sam Goody…they bought this chain and they have always been notorious for charging ridiculous prices.

I say screw Best Buy, Circuit City sells the same shit, sometimes even cheaper! Take for instance, “Jason X” (not a good movie, but what the hell.)…if you buy “Jason X” this week, they give you “Jason Goes To Hell” on DVD for $9.99. And by the way, “Jason X” is $17.99 as compared to $19.99 at BB. I have been buying more and more DVDs at Circuit City anyway. I also just bought a new router at CC without even considering going over to BB to check them out first. Screw 'em.

You should just come buy Cds in Canada! The average price of a new cd here is $10 US (16-17 Canadian).