BestBuy kills Rebates.....Replaced by Rewards Program?

BestBuy will be phasing out rebates over the next two years. For more information see
As BestBuy goes so go CompUSA, Fry’s Staples et al. Hopefully this will lead to lower prices, but maybe not. Best Buy will start emphasizing their Rewards point program in an effort to drive customer loyalty.
Goodbye rebates, Hello Rewards Points…The Horror, the horror!!! (or is it whorer)

Sounds like it will suck.

Rebate = Reward points = Still Sucks
darn, I celebrated too early after hearing BB is phasing out Rebates

I’m amazed that anyone expects BB to change their stripes. They just see another opportunity to get into your wallet with the Reward Points Program. The only real solution to this situation is to do your major shopping online, selectively pick up sale items and vote with your wallet. With Fedex Saver shipping becoming the norm at Newegg, Chief Value and Zipzoomfly, you can get what you want within 3 days anywhere in the US. Patronize the local PC shops for immediate need items and let the big box retail chains play their games without your participation.

Boycott everything - they’re all trying to fuck you one way or another /.

I agree, Best Buy has much to offer but I can usually do much better at NewEgg. Just purchased a new lcd from them and am ver happy with it. Also $20.00 rebate which put it well below BB anyway. I have purchased many $$$$$$ worth of merchandise from NewEgg and they are hard to beat.

Anything :Z BB does has to suck!!!