BestBuy has 25pak Verbatim DVD's @ $10.99

BestBuy has Verbatim DVD’s both plus and minus @ $22.99 with a instant rebate of $12.00 and final cost at register of $10.99 :iagree: .

Verbatim 16X media?

Viewing the bestbuy web page shows

Verbatim 25-Pack 4x DigitalMovie DVD+R Disc Spindle

Verbatim 25-Pack 4x DigitalMovie DVD-R Disc Spindle

@ $10.99

Why so much for original price with 4x media?

Because retail stores rip you off with name brand media. :wink: Verbatim is a name that has long been recognized with quality so they can pretty much charge what they want. Anyways, as of late, my best buy has only been carrying Taiwanese made discs so this special is kinda mute for me. I don’t care what rumors I have heard about the improvements in quality, there is no way I am buying CMC made discs.

Too bad all my burners can’t burn MCC003 @16x.


darn, that woulda been sweet if it was 16X :slight_smile:

I picked up 2 spindles of 25 +R this weekend and both are rated at 4X and MCC002. MCC002 burns at 8x on both my 811S and Benq 822A with superb results. If I had a 16X burner I’d try them out :slight_smile:

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Crap, as per usual, my best buy only carried the Taiwanese made discs. Screw that.

Jesterrace, you’d better forget about MCC media then. You aren’t going to find any not made in Taiwan aside from maybe the Double Layer discs.

I’ve got 4 different spindles of Verbatim here that are made in Taiwan, all have burnt with excellent results on the drives I mention above. Whats wrong with Taiwanese made media?

There’s nothing wrong with Verbatim made in Taiwan disks.
MCC003 8x @12x on BenQ1620 (click here)
MCC004 16x @16x on BenQ1620 (click here)
MCC004 16x @12x on PX-712A (click here)

Also take into account that not all the MIT MCC media is made by CMC. The spindle of DigitalMovie 4x +Rs I got from Best Buy are made by Prodisc (you can tell by the engraved serial in the clear plastic hub). About the only Singapore MCC media I know of that’s available now are the DigitalMovie DVD+Rs in the 3 packs with Super DVD Cases or whatever those things are called.

All of that doesn’t do me any good. I have a - format only burner. Meh. No biggie. just dropped their prices on 50 packs of TY media again. :wink:

what do you mean they’re made by Prodisc?
how can you tell? the engraved serial # doesn’t say anything about prodisc!!!

The serial doesn’t have to say Prodisc specifically, each optical media manufacturer has its own serial numbering system. Prodisc media has a serial number broken up by a “-” for DVD-R media or a “+” for DVD+R media. An example would be “3294Y825+01730B21”. CMC serials start with MA for -R media and PA for +R media.

I see!!! thanks for clarifying!! :up: