Bestbuy has 16X TDK's Lightscribe on sale 30 for 17.99

Bestbuy has 16X TDK’s Lightscribe on sale 30 for 17.99. I don’t know how long the sale is good for. The store was in Midlothian VA but all stores should have the same sales I would guess.

Kinda expensive unless you really need lightscribe. I am going towards inkjet route since epson inks are cheap

I agree, lightscribe is expensive for what you get.
Inkject quality is better and lower cost.

It’s cheap for Lightscribe that was the point.

Does anyone know the MID of this TDK LS disc? Bestbuy also has Verbatim 30pk DVD LS disc on sale for $19.99 from time to time.