Verbatim deals has a sale going on Verbatim 8x DVD-R and DVD+R’s right now for $19.95 per 50 pack spindle! I’m trying to force myself not to buy some… twitch. :bigsmile: :bow:

already posted by Two Degrees :wink:

it’d probably be better to wait for another bestbuy fuji deal as well (since you can get fuji/TY for the same price). they seem to come pretty often now.

Doh, thanks drpino and my apologies for double-posting it! :frowning:

@AZImmortal - True but I don’t have a Best Buy that isn’t more than an hour away so I’d be ordering online. Verbatim is a pretty safe bet as far as media goes when ordering online when not quite sure about the media code your going to get… with Fuji if your looking for TY it’s a crap shoot when you can’t stare at the “MIJ” label. :bigsmile:

no worries Braxas…the more people posting deals the better, right? :bigsmile:

i often order online and then go pick it up at the store…saves on shipping and it’s a bit easier for me (not an hour but 6 blocks away). if when i pick up and they’ve set aside MIT spindles i demand MIJ ones :o

Best Buy has finally done it. It’s the same thing that Circuit City has done that I am sure is helping lead to their demise.

The website started out as it’s own entity, then became tightly involved with the store, now it is it’s own entity once again.

If you see a price online, you cannot get that price in the store unless you buy it online and mark it for in-store pickup. The sales associates in the store are more than happy to give you the web price, but they cannot see it. Even though you go to the little terminals placed around the store and click on BESTBUY.COM you are NOT looking at You are looking at local store prices only.

Case in point, today I went to, clicked on this weeks specials, and clicked on All Verbatim media 30% off. Found CDR’s for 19.99 - 30% ($6.00) = $13.99. I went to the store, and went to a terminal. Went to, clicked on weekly specials, clicked on All Verbatim Media 30% off, found the exact same item on the included list and it did NOT display the -$6.00 correction. Even though the link on the page still said 30% off.

I called India and a lady there said that .com and store are two different places, even though you can pickup your order from that stores stock.

All verbatim media is 30% off. Here’s the details on the CDR’s.
Model 94691