Cyberhome dx162 $40.99 10% and mir

Cyberhome DX162D-A 16X burner $89.99 less 10% and $40 MIR ($40.99) at Same drive $99.99 less $40 MIR in this weeks flyer. Anybody familar with this drive? Seems to have a Pioneer chipset.

Cyberhome is cr*p. You get what you pay for. Order a dvd writer from NEWEGG on the web. The prices are teriffic, the shipping is fast. Good DVD writers= Nec ND3500a & 3520, Pioneer DVR108, BenQ, Sony, Lite-on. Spend some time and read the forum posts about DVD writers from people that own them. Luv my NEC 3520

I would be curious to see who actually makes cyberhome. That would be a good deal if it ended up being manufactured by a decent company. However, one also has to factor in the annoyance of a MIR. I’ve been burned by enough of those to be warry of them. That and it takes 2-3 months to get your money back. I concur that at this point that I would rather order an NEC or Pioneer from BTW Dominator, I wouldn’t put Lite-On or Sony in that “good” category. Beyond error rate scans they really aren’t that great. That and Sonys are just over-priced Lite-Ons (Sony has all of thier burners produced by Lite-On now).

It is a CyberDrive and it is actually quite good at what it does.
You can see more here.

I have this drive and so far it is better than my Lite-On 851S. :bow: Can actually backup my XBOX games now and I am so happy about that. Gonna stay on Cyberhome’s butt about my rebate tho. :smiley: