BestBuy Canada



For anyone in Canada near a Bestbuy, they are selling FujiFilm DVD+R’s for $24.99 for a 50 pack.

They read as: Yuden000 T02



Make sure you get the ones made in Japan.
They have a ribbed bottom on the outside if you want to check fast.
The code is TYG02

The others are made in Taiwan and have a code ProdiscF01.

The Taiwan pack stacks on the Japan pack, but not the other way around.
When I realized I could get the TYG02, I went back and bought a basket full, but could only get 3 dvd-r.

I just read the other post down a bit, looking for TY and not FUJI !!
I am seeing the same issue he reported… towards the outer rim, benq scan in a benq usb2 drive is reporting serious problems at the 8x speed. Just passable at 4x speed. This is bad news.


These ones do say Made in Japan on them and have the Ribbed bottom that you mentioned.



I opened a dvd-r pack and scanned the top 4 disks.
All of them failed the Benq-Scan in a Benq USB2 drive at 8x (the rated speed).
The problem only starts about 3/4 of the way through.

At 4x speed, there was a slight raise 3/4 thru, but below the threshold Benq has set. I guess I make sure I burn them at 4x, and expect some problems.


I bought the +R’s but haven’t had a chance to test them. I will post the results when i can.



Here is a scan of the discs i picked up at Best Buy for $24.00.

They were burned on a Nec 3500A at 8x.