Bestbuy 004 Verbatims

Hi all: Just found a deal @ on verbatim 16X+r’s for 6.99 per 25 pack. I was wondering if any one has tried these yet, and are they mcc004’s.
Just got my new samsung writer & it really likes the 004’s. Burned one and got a 97 @ 17.1X. Burned a 003 and it didnt like them very well. So dont want them if they are not 004’s. Start blabbin’.

They should be MCC004, but the question is if they are the Prodisc or CMC-made ones.

That is why I want to know if someone has identified them yet.
dvd identifier just lists them as MCC004 but the disk says verbatim 16X+R.
Am I missing something here?

They will all be MCC004’s (Made in Taiwan) but some are made by Prodisc and some made by CMC.

Look here


Doesn’t seem to matter - as the Sammy 18x burners give good burns with both flavors of the Verbatim 16x +R’s so far-eh!

Thanks MegaDETH, that clears up a few things for me. But since I am ordering over the net cant look at em that close. Im’ wondering about the difference in quality? The ones I have left that I like so well according to the info are CMC. Take my chances I guess. Thanks everyone.

If it helps, all of the DVD+R Verbatims at my bestbuy were CMC’s.

ordering online there is a chance you could get MII by MBI, which are usually considerd inferior to both prodisc/cmc MIT, but I haven’t seen any scans from the samsung 182’s yet, so they might do ok :confused:

I’m sure I missed it but I didn’t think we were getting any MII’s in the US.

that would be awesome, I know I’ve seen them here before, but it could have been back in the 8x/early 16x days :confused:

Actually, we might be:

BigMikey is so proud of showing off his Samsung drive. Anyway, no fear folks, both prodisc and cmc MCC004 are very good, just that CMC made is better. And if you get prodisc made, dont feel too bad, they are still very good. And seeing this price is not a surprised for me anymore. I see this price almost every week in different flavors, 50 disc spindle for $12.99, 100 disc spindle for $24.99. So this price becomes ordinary for Verbatim

I have bought at least 20 spindles of Verbs @ Best Buy and Office Max and have never got anything but CMC and Prodisc made MCC004. Never MII.

Alan, wanna go scavenging for Verbatims at Office Depot??? Some Hideous OD still have some spindles left. The one near my house still have some inkjet printable spindles left, just that they are not hub. The one near my work place, I bought every spindle from them for $15 each spindle of 100, I got a total of 6 spindles, all +R.