Best Xvid video splitter? the one I have gets audio out of sync with video:(



I’m trying to split a Xvid file so that I can better store it on DVD. I tried the program (AVI/MPEG/ASF/WMV) was a free download at and the results were a file thats audio and video were out of sync in some places.

I use (nero showtime for playback of the Xvid file I’m trying to split. Is there a superior Xvid video splitter? What should O do for better results? thank you for all you help and time :bow: in this matter.


VirtualDubMod will split it best. Open the file, save it as “Direct Stream Copy” and split the file by limiting the amount of MB to let each file be before you start a new one.


:clap: Thanks bcn_246, VirtualDubMod worked Gread it fixed the sync problem :clap:


No problem. Pleased to hear it worked :slight_smile:


Thank you for the Advice AudioAC3, I’ll have to give it a try on my next project. On my las project I Converted 26 .OMG to Avi using VirtualDubMod. I used direct steam to port them over but the only problems I had was that I had to Demux basically Export the .ogg Audio convert it to mp3 using a 3rd party program, then import it back into VirtualDubMod. I wish VirtualDubMod had in house Audio porting from Ogg to mp3, but for a free program I can’t complain.