Best XP Compatible Drive for CD Read/Ripping Error Correction

No need for BD or even DVD support. But as I’m not ready to upgrade to new desktop hardware yet the drive must support Windows XP.

Presumably, Pioneer still makes among the best optical drives, and I have no problem paying for those usually higher price models. But none of the current models and/or forthcoming firmware are said to support XP.
But is anyone familiar with the latest XP friendly Pioneer models with stellar CD ripping stats??

All of these are XP compatible

Apparently they are all “re-badged” Plextor and (Sony) Optiarc models distributed by VinPower but made by Liteon says A new PX-891SAF model

But while some at myce above were hopeful on quality control and performance, users reviews on this “new” low priced Plextor were decidedly mixed.

So I’m hoping that there might be a consensus among myce reviewers for the best available drive for CD read/ripping and error correcting, though the vast majority of CD tracks ripped on my Panasonic SW-5584 BD drive and always using EAC almost never reported less than a ~98% perfect read error score. That Panasonic drive still works great but I can’t find a new one like it for sale to replace the dead Sony BWU-500S drive in my other Windows XP SP2 desktop.

Please recommend one or more of the best XP compatible drive models for CD reading/ripping and error correction.

They don’t say anything about XP compatibility, because XP is an outdated OS without support by Microsoft, thus a security risk, especially without even SP3.
I’ve not noticed any problem with LiteOn and Pioneer BD writers using XP, although I didn’t use them for CD ripping. I’ve had XP SP3 incl. all updates though.

IIRC the (most) requirements on the (retail) packages of the writers are for the included software, not for the hardware

Never burned BD in XP, but if the software is Xp-compatible it should work

Again, at least when installed in an XP pc, I’d be using this drive only for reading/ripping music CDs; no BD media at all. And the only CD ripping software I use is

Nor do I ever burn to any disc; I just rip CD tracks and save them as uncompressed WAV files on a storage HDD to play on my system.

All of these Pioneer drives apparently support Windows XP SP3.

But I only have SP2 and the SP3 download has been discontinued.

So I was concerned over what if any CD read problems may occur with any of the above drives without SP3 installed in my Windows XP SP2 pc.

The reply I got today from Pioneer support was:

Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

We no longer test our products with old operating systems.

In general, the drives are Plug and Play. The operating system should load generic drivers, for basic communication. To enable recording and playback features, you would need software support them.

So the Windows XP drivers are usable an accessible by any of these Pioneer drives for CD reading? And EAC will have no problems recognizing the drive for ripping?

I don’t have any Pioneer optical drives to test with.

Using an external USB enclosure with a LG WH16NS40 1:02 drive.
EAC ripped the commercial audio CD with no problems to .wav files.

I used the auxiliary partition on my desktop which is XP Pro SP3 32-bit.
I don’t have a SP2 XP version on anything.
The main partition is Windows 7 32-bit.

My laptop has a XP home SP3 secondary partition but EAC is not installed because I don’t use this laptop for CD ripping.

I do have a lot of software installed on this XP Pro so it is possible it used drivers other than Microsoft Windows XP.