Best Xbox/Liteon Compatible Media?

Hey guys just wondering what type of DVD Media is the most compatible with LITEON 1213S@1653S with the xbox console. I enjoy watching DVD’s on it but sadly even quality discs will seemly have corrupted video data when watching it on my xbox (and I’ve scanned them all… max 15 PI, max 3 PIF…).

I also tried with some Maxell02 (Maxell 8x DVD+R) discs changing the booktype to DVD-ROM and this time starting the dvd just ended with a black screen. I know it isn’t my xbox’s DVD-ROM, because I tried two of them. However it might be because both my xbox’s use thompson dvd drives, which are supposed to be horrible with compatibility.

Hopefully some of you with an xbox can give me some suggestions. Memorex 4x DVD+R always worked perfectly but now that only 8x CMC’s are available I’m stuck lol.

The xbox dvd drives are terrible at best. The thompson drives only really like DVD-R media. They will play +R but you will notice little skips or freezes in movies and dirty disc errors in games. I use Verbatim -R(MCC) media burnt at slowest speed for games and second fastest speed for movies. Also good media,I have tried, is TDK -R(TTG) media. I used Fuji (Prodisc) but got all types of problems…could never find a good write strat for the prodiscf01.

Anyways, I said all that to say give Verbatim or TDK a try. They are more expensive at some stores but they can be found at your local Bestbuy for @$10 per 25pack (bestbuy rotates them on sale, one week TDK is on sale, next Verbatim). Good luck.

Lol wish I could get DVD-R’s for $10 but doesn’t work like that here hehe. Best Buy Canada only. And actually I bought the 16x Verbatim DVD+R’s, but obviously they don’t work so I might pick up a few dvd-r’s next time. The best DVD+R’s I’ve used so far are Maxell’s (8x) which although do have some freezing, it’s usually minimal.

Thanks for the help man. I’ll definetly take your advice. I heard some of the Samsung drives are great with the xbox, too bad I wound up with shitty Thompson’s lol.

i recomend Ritek/Ridata -R G04’s, they have been the best cheap discs i’ve used for movies, ps2, and xbox. they are 4x discs and i suggest only burning them at that speed for the best results.

i also use office depot mini dvd-r’s which are Ritek/Ridata G04’s for gamecube

verbatim or taiyo yuden