Best writing software to use for the TDK indiDVD?

I recently purchased a TDK indiDVD and I am relatively new to the whole concept on DVD burning. I was wondering which software is the best to use for the TDK indiDVD? Does the software included with the burner any good? if not what would you recommend as a good writing software that allows me to backup X-box games I have and DVD movies.

also, I was wondering what is the best media to use. the burner doesnt include media and I was thinking about purchasing a 50 pack spindle of the Fuji 4.7GB 2.4x DVD+R for $99.99 from bestbuy. any comments and opinions would greatly be appreciated. thanks for your time!!

I have a TDK indiDVD 4x and am very happy with it. I have not burned a single coaster with it so far!

Anyway, the discs I use that have worked every time for me are Ritek 2.4x DVD+R.

I ordered mine from Rima:

As for software, I have been mostly using Nero. I’ve had perfect luck with every version since and am now using However, I have used many other pieces of software (InstantCopy, DVDXCopy, DVD Decrypter) to write directly to my indiDVD and have had complete success there too.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Thanks a bunch falves!! this definitely helps alot … also, one more question. the site that you ordered it from … is it reliable and how many times have you purchased from the sihte? thanks again!!

also, any other comments on the TDK indi DVD pertaining to my topic would be appreciated and helpful. thanks!!

I have only ordered from Rima once. Everything went very well and I got my order in a couple of days. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I’m in the same metropolitan area that Rima is in…

Anyway, not only did I have a good experience with Rima, but I have read about many people on this and other forums that have had positive things to say about Rima.

Of course, my basic recommendation is for the Ritek discs. Rima was just the place that was cheapest at the time I ordered… There are many other places that sell Ritek discs online and off! As I have no idea where you live, etc, you should definitely use your best judgement to decide what the best place to buy is in your specific case.

Good luck! :smiley:

I live in Virginia by the way. Is there a different between Nero 5.510.7 and also, is it possible to backup X-Box games with the Nero? or do you need some other type of writing software?

I really don’t know anything about backing up Xbox games…

I even have an Xbox, but since I have no plans on modding it, I haven’t looked into backing up my games…

Sorry! :smiley:

Is there a site on the net that allows me to download a demo of DVD-X Copy?

Not that I know of,BUT,you can download a copy of DVD2ONE,which works so much better than XCOPY,and is cheaper ,and has the ability to be upgraded for free.And the latest version allows you to make full disc copies like Xcopy. It’s
unbeatable,examine the subforum for DVD2ONE. You won’t be sorry. Sounds like I work for them,but I don’t,I 'm just overwhelmed,and what the program can do,as opposed to what I used to Night and Morning,ahh,eh um Day… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Thanks for the response and comment Ruffrob!! i will be sure to go there … is that the burning software you are using now. currently, im using nero and dont have a problem with it. i just want to try if there is anything better out there for my dvd burner.

also, i hear DVD-X copy has trouble burning movies longer than 2 hrs+. Can DVD2ONE burn movies such as Lord of the Ring (LOTR) or any more that features a lot of extras on a DVD disc. thanks for your help again!!

I use Nero,and haven’t had any problems. Last night I burned 7
backups using Nero Express,(which obviously uses the same engine as Nero Burning Rom,as similar panels appear in the burn process),and had no problem. One thing that’s strange,however,it tells you that NeroVision is required to burn fully functional DVD,although i was able to do my full DVD’s without the aid of it… :confused: In response to your question about 2 hr plus movies,last night I burned Heat (Deniro/Pacino/Kilmer) and Scarface (Pacino),both of which are 2 hours plus,and the picture looks excellent Anyway,use it,it’s the best

Hey Ruffrob … you burnt Heat on 1 single dvd+R? i thought it was impossible to burn a dual layer dvd on a single dvd+r/w unless the writing program compression the files on the DVD (Heat)

Oh yeah,1 disc!!! DVD2One applies varying degrees of compression depending on the size of the disc contents. Excellent
picture,and 5.1 Dolby digital sound ,too!!

Hey RuffRob,
When you compared it to the og Heat dvd was there a noticeable difference with the compressed version that you burned on DVD+R?

i take it the bigger the DVD the more compressed the files will be and more noticeable when compared to the DVD being copied